Information Technology

The ultrasonic welding is a very quick process, thus being the most effective solution for mass production.

This type of welding is employed in the automotive industry and in the manufacturing of electronic products such as computers, pendrives, keyboards etc.

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Fabric and Textile

Manufacturers of underwear, surgical masks, medical shoes and bedcovers, among other segments, have already extensively adopted the ultrasound technology, due to its highly resistant hermetical sealing. This technology presents yet more advantages when compared to the usual sewing methods.


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The welded parts do not present any rough edges and the process does not exhale any odors or smoke. It allows for the joining of transparent parts without any crystallization mark. This way, the process can be employed in the manufacturing of packages for food and hygiene products, as well as products consisting of internal subsets.



The ultrasonic welding process, employed in the toy manufacturing process, offers the advantages of doing away with glues, adhesives, solvents and mechanical fasteners, or any other possibly toxic substances.




The ultrasonic plastic welding technology can be used for different applications by adequately adjusting the soundwave and the characteristics of the high-frequency mechanical energy.

The biggest advantages of the short-wave vibrations are their excellent directional properties and high signal repeatability.

The ultrasonic welding technology has proven to be extremely successful in many areas, especially in the automotive sector.



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