Welding Machine Model KS1

Welding Machine Model KS2

Special Machines

Ultrasound generator with welding gun Special Machines

Máquina de soldagem modelo KS1

Máquina da soldagem modelo KS2

Máquinas Especiais

Gerador de Ultra Som com pistola manual

Developed for products made of materials such as OS, ABS and acrylic.

Technical Data

-Effective Power:1.000 W
-Frequency: 20 KHz
-Electric Tension: 220 V

Developed for products demanding a more powerful welding, such as nylon, PP and PE.

Technical Data

-Effective Power: 2.000 W
-Frequency: 20 KHz
-Electric Tension: 220 volts

Built with several ultrasonic heads, it is a computer programmable device developed for projects demanding the simultaneous welding in multiple spots.

Technical Data

-Available power options: 1.000 a 2.000 W
-Electric Tension: 24 V
-CIP “Clean in Place”

An easy-to-use device with a lightweight gun. Developed for the manual welding and for the welding of products on which the pneumatic machine cannot be used, such as blister packs, car panels and doors.

Technical Data

Effective Power: 800 W
-Frequency: 20 KHZ

Model KS 1 Plusz

Multi-Head Welding Machine.

Technical Data

Comprised of two ultrasonic heads for simultaneous welding of toy parts.
Acoustic Transformers
Device AC 1 Sonotrodes Transducers Special Machines

Transformadores acústicos

Dispositivo AC 1



Máquinas especiais

These are couplers that transform the wave amplitude. They are available in the colours: Blue: 1:05
Purple: 1:06
Green: 1:1
Golden: 1:1,5
Silver: 1:20
Black: 1:2,5
Device developed for cutting and welding synthetic fabrics.
Sonotrodes are tools built out of the products to be welded. Can be made of aluminum, titanium or steel.

Transducers are made of aluminum and piezoelectric crystals. They are responsible for transforming energy into vibration.

Technical Data

Power: 1.000 to 1.600 W /2.000 to 2.800 W

Multi-Head machine, developed for the welding of car panels.
Cutting and Welding Machine for TNT
Cutting and welding machine for TNT and disposable respirators.

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